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Construction Safety Certification

Safety Certification…

With this simple and easy-to-use application, users can now stay on top of all safety requirements and ensure that every employee possesses the necessary and up-to-date training to safely and confidently perform their respective jobs.









Featuring a central statusboard that gives an overview of all certifications and displays whether they are current, expiring, or expired, a user can view detailed certification or training information for a selected employee by drilling down into the statusboard's data. Images can be associated with that information as well and could easily be viewed at any time.

The application's users can also utilize the statusboard's filtering controls so as to either focus on a certificate to quickly and definitively determine if a certification refresher course needs to be scheduled for a group of employees, or hone in on a particular employee to identify if they are lacking in a required area of training.

Another highlight of Safety Assist allows users to select and customize reports that they wish to view, such as an employee roll call for a certification class. These reports can then be saved to the computer in PDF format for later use or attached in an email through Microsoft Outlook to send to others. A terrific example of this feature in use would be for a project manager to produce the training history of an employee in order to verify whether or not that person holds the required qualifications to be assigned to a certain job.



Full Employee Control
All employee information can be added, viewed, maintained, and removed directly through this application.

Customizable Lists
The master list of safety certifications and training can be modified to only incorporate the specific certificates applicable to that company, and each item in that list can be updated as often as needed.

Security Controls
Additional security controls are available to limit the viewing and editing capabilities of each certification to selected users, such as restricting the ability to view another employee's drug testing results if a user was not given sufficient authorization to do so.

Image Handling
With built-in image handling users can associate scanned images with employee certification records.

Reporting Options
SafetyAssist allows users to define and create reports based on individual needs.


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