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Providing your customers with project close out documentation is a necessary part of finishing up every project, yet one that many firms don’t often use to their advantage. Close Out Assist ensures your firm is paid in full before a project is closed. With Close Out Assist, the process of generating and delivering documentation is automated and your business rules are used to eliminate the potential downside of providing project close out documentation before you ensure project exposure is minimized. This add-on module seamlessly integrates into your existing accounting software, providing project managers with the tools to automatically communicate to their customers information about past due invoices, unapproved change orders, and any unbilled amounts on their project.


Don’t let your customers close out the project without settling important matters such as past due invoices, unapproved change orders, or unbilled amounts. Project managers need to be aware of all the critical project information such as outstanding unapproved change orders, project AR aging, and a current project billing summary before releasing closeout documentation.

Close Out Assist is the software solution that streamlines the process of producing and delivering close out documentation to your customer while using your last bit of leverage to minimize risk and exposure on your project. With built in customizable business rules monitoring project exposure levels, project managers are limited from sending closeout documentation if too much exposure is detected. Once the close out has been approved, all documentation related to your project’s close out is delivered to the customer in a bundled PDF attached to an email with just one click.

Demand more from your current system. Contact a Peer today and discover how Close Out Assist, with its ability to monitor exposure, is the solution to smoother operations and ensuring profitability for your construction firm.


Seamless Integration
Individually tailored to seamlessly integrate with all major accounting & procurement software packages to quickly and easily access payroll and pricing information.

Customizable Controls
Reduce exposure and risk with controls suited to your company’s specifications.

Electronic Delivery
Automatically generate, bundle, and email all required close out documentation with a push of a button.

Correspondence Tools
Built-in customer correspondence tools track communication notes.

Capable of supporting future company growth and adjusting to new requirements.

100% Customizable
Specifically tailored to meet the exact requirements, criteria, and reporting needs of any construction firm.


Eliminate Profit Loss
Ensure that all invoices, change orders and billings have been paid in full.

Enhance Oversight
The Executive Statusboard ensures project managers and executives have access to up to the minute information to make informed decisions.

Reduce Administrative Costs

The easy-to-use interface makes it quick and easy to process and send all required close out documentation.

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