Contract Assist

Change Orders…

Getting them approved is only half the battle. Processing change orders internally can be just as challenging. Contract Assist tackles this task to ensure you get paid for them. This add-on module seamlessly integrates into your existing accounting software, providing you the ability to manage change orders and instantly update contracts.




Never again will you have delays with project managers approving change orders or accounting personnel not adding a change order to the schedule of values. Group executives and upper management can now use a statusboard to monitor the processing of all change orders.

Contract Assist is the software solution designed to improve your organization’s efficiency in processing contracts & approved change orders and ensuring they are billed in a timely manner. Digitally store, reconcile, and process change orders into billable items with speed and ease. Once the contract or change order has been approved in the system, the schedule of values in your billing system is automatically updated to reflect the newly approved change order.

Demand more from your current system. Contact a Peer today and discover how Contract Assist is the solution to smoother operations, maximizing cash flow, and ensuring profitability for your construction firm.


Seamless integration
Individually tailored to seamlessly integrate with all major accounting software packages to quickly and easily process payroll and pricing information.

Automated Schedule of Value Creation
Schedule of values can be generated automatically using templates.

Executive Statusboard
Enables management to view and monitor call change orders being processed with drill-down views by Customer, Project Manager, or Project.

Electronic Document Management
Digitally scanned copies of change orders prevent misplaced or lost paperwork in the office.

Capable of supporting future company growth and adjusting to new requirements.

100% Customizable
Specifically tailored to meet the exact requirements, criteria, and reporting needs of any construction firm.


Streamline Efficiency
Eliminates the need for routing paperwork throughout the office.

Increase Cash Flow

Quickly processes contracts and approved change orders into billable items for faster turnaround.

Reduce Administrative Costs
Save valuable time and money by eliminating redundant entry from accounting and project management personnel.

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