Pending C.O. Tracker

Unapproved or Pending Change Orders…

Requests for change orders have the potential to be the source of great profits or dangerous exposure. The work has been done and the labor & materials have been expensed. Now it is time to get paid. This unique application ensures the proper management and tracking of unapproved requests into collectible change orders






Unapproved change orders create a substantial amount of risk for any subcontractor. The sheer volume of outstanding requests is a tedious task and demands a scrutinise eye. Executives typically have little oversight other than a dated aging report or a Project Manager’s word.

Pending C.O. Tracker is the software solution that allows subcontractors to fully manage, track and ensure approval of pending change orders. The statusboard provides management with an instant and current overview of all outstanding unapproved change orders, thereby eliminating the need to rely on spreadsheets and monthly reports. Real-time aging data, an internal correspondence log, and automated communication tools ensure you get paid for the work you do.

Demand more from your current system. Contact a Peer today and discover how Pending C.O. Tracker provides the oversight and control to prevent profits from slipping away.


Seamless Integration
Individually tailored to seamlessly integrate with all major accounting software packages to quickly and easily transfer billing and invoice information to your system.

Executive Statusboard
Provides upper management and project managers a real-time aging overview of all unapproved change orders.

Internal Correspondence Log
Action notes accompany every unapproved change order allowing executives and project managers to track the approval process.

Automated Communications Tools
Instantly generate and email a pre-formatted collection or dunning letter with just one click.

Capable of supporting future company growth and adjusting to new requirements.

100% Customizable
Specifically tailored to meet the exact requirements, criteria, and reporting needs of any construction firm.


Improve Cash Flow
Ensures requests for change orders are approved in a timely fashion.

Reduce Exposure

Collect on the work already performed to cover the labor and materials that have already been expensed.

Enhance Oversight
The executive statusboard and other features provide management with the tools to stop project managers from writing off change orders.

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