Billing Assist


Proper billing procedures can make or break the success of a project. Billing Assist streamlines the submission of accurate and timely billings for project managers and accounting personnel. This add-on module seamlessly integrates into your existing accounting software, providing you the ability to bill ahead of project costs and maximize your cash flow potential.




The traditional billing process is often troubled by a jumble of due dates, worksheets, and redundant entry. Simply put, when project billings are mismanaged or late, your company doesn’t get paid. Don’t let inefficiency result in a lack of cash flow.

Billing Assist is the software solution that allows subcontractors to fully manage and monitor the billing process. By eliminating the complex manual tasks associated with traditional submission, Billing Assist makes it quick and easy for Project Managers and the Accounting Department to communicate all billing information seamlessly. Ensure your Project Managers have the capacity and capability to make sure billings are aggressive enough to stay well ahead of project costs.

Demand more from your current system. Contact a Peer today and discover how Billing Assist provides the oversight and control to ensure a billing opportunity is never missed and your cash flow is always at its potential.


Seamless integration
Individually tailored to seamlessly integrate with all major accounting software packages to quickly and easily transfer billing and invoice information to your system.

Inquiry Statusboard
Allows each Project Manager to track the billing status of all of their jobs, the number of days until billing is due, project cost to date, current contract amount, previous billed amounts, current billing, total billed to date, remaining unbilled and unapproved/approved change orders.

Accounting Statusboard
Updates ensure timely billing by notifying accounting when bills are ready to be released and sent to the customer.

Executive Statusboard
Enables management to review all current and prior billings by date range, project manager, project, customer and more.

Automated Schedule of Value Creation
Schedule of values can be generated automatically using templates.

Comprehensive Document Support
Produces all necessary billing forms and documents.

Billing Notification/Late Billing Notification
Automated email notification to Project Managers and management that billings are becoming due or are late based on the established customer due dates.

  Flexible Billing Values
Enter the current billing value as a percent or dollar amount along with any stored materials by billing item.

Job Cost Analysis
Provides opportunity to compare job cost-to-date to the to-date-billing amount to ensure that billings are on target.

Billing Notes
Enter billing notes or other notifications such as a request to bill retention, close the job, or even notify accounting that there will be no further billing.

Modify Previous Payment Application
Update changes to previous payment applications and any changes will automatically roll forward to current pay applications.

Change Order Billing
When combined with Change Order Assist, approved change orders are automatically added to the schedule of values available for immediate billing.

Capable of supporting future company growth and adjusting to new requirements.

100% Customizable
Specifically tailored to meet the exact requirements, criteria, and reporting needs of any construction firm.

Improve Cash Flow
Create accurate, timely, legible billings, which reduce the chance of payment delays.

Reduce Exposure
Real-time reports provide the ability to track outstanding cash positions and billing status by project, Project Manager, status, and amount, instantly.

Billing Accuracy
Automated processes eliminate errors in manual data collection and entry.

Enhanced Oversight and Controls
The executive statusboard and other features provide management with the tools to ensure billings are timely and aggressive enough to stay ahead of project costs.

Lower Costs
Eliminate slow, error-prone manual billing practices, which result in high processing costs, lengthy collection cycles, and customer frustration caused by inaccurate or incomplete invoice details.

Save Time
Streamline your billing process by making the most of productivity and workflow tools.

Better Manage Billing
Easily generate standard billing reports using various filters and sorts.

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