Construction Management System (CMS)


Sometimes augmenting your system just isn’t enough. Sometimes a firm truly does outgrow their existing system. Fortunately, today’s construction companies have dozens of options to choose from for their general accounting needs. If your firm depends on a large, graphic-based system with all the bells and whistles, we would happily make a recommendation for a provider. With our tailored solutions interfacing to many of the top providers in the market, we may be able to deliver some insight to the provider that would be the best fit for your company.

We would also encourage you, however, to take a peek at the flagship product that has been supporting construction business all across the nation for more than 20 years—our very own accounting system, CMS.


The Construction Management System (CMS) by PeerAssist is a comprehensive set of applications designed to meet your company’s construction-specific accounting needs. Originally built in 1986, this feature-rich suite has been supported and enhanced for 23 years making it one of the most time-proven, stable and affordable construction accounting packages on the market.

Demand a better system. Contact a Peer today and discover why CMS has been a trusted choice in construction accounting systems since 1986.


General Ledger

Accurate, dependable and flexible are the terms that best describe the G/L system that serves as the foundation of the CMS software suite.

Every company has the unique and complex task of providing various forms of financial statement information. In an ever-changing business environment, often times the requested information cannot be produced by a simple canned report. Extracting the data into separate reporting structures helps fulfill these requirements without a lot of tedious steps or the need to revamp your core chart of accounts.

G/L module features:

  • Date sensitive
  • Solid audit trail
  • Flexible fiscal period definition
  • Monthly posting control
  • J/C reconciliation detail
  • Seamlessly handles single and multi-division setups
  • Consolidated G/L across multiple divisions or companies
  • Budgeting and history entry and reporting
  • Flexible financial statement formatting
  • Easy adjusting and reversing entries
  • Streamlined year-end processing

Accounts Receivable

Processing and collecting Accounts Receivable invoices as efficiently as possible improves cash flow and helps manage customer relationships.

A/R module features:

  • Multiple invoice entry options
  • Numerous invoice adjustment options
  • Retainage handling
  • Inventory control interface
  • AIA / Job Billing interface
  • Numerous trial balance sorting options
  • Streamlined cash receipt handling
  • Sales tax calculation, tracking and reporting
  • Archiving and purging options
  • Interface connections with ARC, QuickBill, Billing Assist and AIA Billing applications.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable process is more than just paying bills. When handled effectively you can: optimize your cash flow, ensure timely vendor payments to influence best pricing, take advantage of substantial vendor discounts and minimize the time and effort spent on the AP process.

A/P module features:

  • Multiple invoice entry options
  • Ability to add notes at the invoice level to be included on the payment voucher
  • Fixed expense processing
  • Numerous invoice selection and grouping options for check processing
  • Positive Pay
  • Affidavit and lien waiver creation, tracking, receiving and reporting
  • Certificate of insurance tracking
  • Sales and use tax calculation and reporting
  • Check reconciliation with standard bank interface/import
  • Numerous trial balance sorting options
  • Archiving and Purging AP detail to keep processes running efficiently

Job Cost

The ability to obtain good, meaningful job cost data for analysis once the job begins is heavily dependent upon there being complete, accurate and intuitive Job Cost set up when the job is created.

J/C module features:

  • Intuitive job set up
  • Numerous options to allow/control how information is updated into the J/C detail files
  • Data is stored at the job, activity and transaction level
  • Easy adjustments for transfers and reversals
  • Change order and extra work order entry, tracking and reporting
  • Subcontractor tracking
  • Standard reporting options at the job, activity and transaction level
  • Optional interface/import for job related entries
  • Optional Estimating application interface


In an ideal world, every time card comes into the office at the same time, contains complete and accurate information, with every employee claiming the same deductions and all checks are printed at once on a single predetermined day. Unfortunately when it comes to payroll, variances are the rule rather than the exception.

P/R features:

  • Various time entry options to facilitate highly efficient office and job site labor collection
  • Multiple check type options
  • Direct Deposit processing with automated bank interface
  • Extensive earning, deduction and fringe calculation types (union and non-union)
  • Limitless ability to handle local, county, residency, job site and reciprocity tax combinations
  • Optional Paychex / ADP interface
  • Flexible W2 processing and magnetic media file creation
  • Extensive reporting options including; Certifieds, Union, Minority, Workers Comp in addition to standard Local, State and Federal reporting and filing requirements.

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Construction Accounting (CMS)
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